Delivering Excellence

Up to 2000 amazing temporary workers are provided each week to our fabulous clients in the hospitality industry providing staffing solutions across most areas of customer service and production.

We recruit an average of 150 new candidates each week to surpass our client’s demands and expectations.. We have a large database to choose from as we actively advertise and select from a very large pool of candidates.

We have ample capacity to meet any client specific demands and look forward to the opportunity to surpass expectations at every opportunity.

Serving many of London’s finest Hotels, Restaurants and Conference & Banqueting Venues our Passion for People is reflected by the kind and generous compliments we receive every day.

In addition our staff regularly tell us how much they enjoy working for Calibre Recruitment and how cared for they feel.

We take each and every member of staff to their new position, ensure they know and understand the fastest and most cost effective method of transport to use to get to work. We explain every function of their new assignment role and send them Job Descriptions, Risk Assessments and location maps of their assignment venue. In simple terms we care about our clients and our people. Nothing is too much trouble for any of us at Calibre Recruitment. Even paying all staff weekly directly into their bank accounts and emailing their pay slip to them at the same time. This prevents them having to spend time and money coming into the agency to collect these items in their busy lives in our amazing capital city.

With our office directly in the centre of Westminster next to Leicester Square Tube station we are proud to be part of London’s vibrant inner city scene. Our location gives us fast and easy access to every one of our clients plus easy access from our for each and every one of our Calibre people to visit us.

If you need great people to assist in your business please contact us directly and if you want to work in London’s diverse and exciting hospitality business please come and see us as soon as possible so that we can assist with your dreams and aspirations.

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